Use scope
The single stage oil cycle vacuum pumps of spiral slice form of series SYF and double stage oil cycle vacuum pumps of spiral slice variety from the series of 2SYF are critical products for abstracting the gasoline from obturational container to have vacuum. The double stage vacuum pumps of spiral slice type from the serie of 2SYF utilized for abstracting to have vacuum again about the basis of single stage pumps. It might make the method attain the highest stage vacuum.
(1)The design of stopping oil-returning
The passage of fuel admission is specially made to reduce the returning of pumps oil delivering the abstracted container and pipeline after the pumps stop operating.
(2)The design and style of enviromental protection
The style of built-in device of mist eliminating, and set oil-gas seperator about the vent, the two cope with the pollution of oil in the course of the course of exhausting effectively.
(3) Aluminium alloy casing of electrical machinery
The electrical machinery use aluminium alloy casing, it’s high efficiency of heat emission, and make sure very long time usual operation continously, in addition, it has much better appearance quality.
(4) The style of integration
The electrical machinery and pumps use the design of integration producing the products more serious and reasonable.
(5) Big commencing up moment
Our merchandise types specially aiming in the enviroment of low temperation and electric pressure. ensuring the machine begins generally at lower temperatue of winter enviroment(?Y-5??) and reduced electrical strain(?Y180V).