Double Pitch Conveyor Chains with Extended Pins

C2040 C2042 C2050 C2052 C2060 C2062 C2080 C2082 C2100 C2102 C2120H C2122H C2160H C2162H

Double pitch conveyor chains are designed for medium-duty material handling applications. They have the same basic construction as single pitch chains, but have longer links, flat-shaped link plates, and smaller rollers. These chains are regulated by the ISO 1275-A standard. In the auto industry, these chains are commonly used in a variety of applications.

Double pitch roller chains come in various designs and can be customized to suit the conveying duty. They come in straight or bent attachments, with many assembled in stock for quick delivery. Additional options include stainless steel or delta tone finish and different pin spacings. In addition, double pitch conveyor chains can be customized to meet specific customer requirements.

Double pitch conveyor chains with extended pins are also known as extended pitch chains. They have a double-pitch configuration that provides double the pitch of a standard ANSI-B29.3 chain. Agricultural and other light-duty conveyor applications usually require a double-pitch chain.

Double pitch roller chains with extended pins are typically longer and thicker than their counterparts. These chains are designed to resist high loads and shock loading. These chains are often equipped with ball-swaged holes. This helps ensure a precise chain pitch and even loading around sprockets. These holes also prevent fatigue failure cracks from propagating through the link plates.

Dimensions of Double Pitch Conveyor Chains with Extended Pins


Chain No.
Chain No.
P b1 d2 L3 L Lc
mm mm mm mm mm mm
25.40 7.85 3.96 9.5 25.1 26.2
31.75 9.40 5.08 11.9 31.3 33.1
38.10 12.57 5.94 14.3 38.6 40.6
C212AH C212AHL C2060H
38.10 12.57 5.94 14.3 42.0 43.8
50.80 15.75 7.92 19.1 50.3 53.3
C216AH C216AHL C2080H
50.80 15.75 7.92 19.1 53.5 55.0
63.50 18.90 9.53 23.8 61.8 66.1
C220AH C220AHL C2100H
63.50 18.90 9.53 23.8 65.0 68.3
C224AH C224AHL C2120H
76.20 25.22 11.10 28.6 79.6 83.6
C232AH C232AHL C2160H
101.60 31.75 14.27 38.1 103.0 107.8


Chains and Sprockets

  • Chains and sprockets are mainly used in all applications such as transportation, machinery and other motor applications.
  • Chain and sprockets are maintained with grease and oil spray to provide smoother and better operation.
  • It makes the wheels run as the motor rotates and is considered as Rotation Per Minute (RPM).

Chains and sprockets are mainly used in the transport industry and machine building industry to rotate wheels by means of motors or engines. These chains and sprockets both help the wheelbase to run fast according to the engine speed. The chain hangs between the motor and the sprocket, the motor turns the sprocket and the chain is connected to the sprocket teeth, which can turn simultaneously with the motor wheel, thus making the vehicle or machine run smoothly. HZPT is 1 of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China. We can offer various high-quality chains and sprockets for sale. Contact now!

Packaging of Double Pitch Conveyor Chains

Our chain is most commonly supplied in 10ft boxes, including 1 connecting link per box, but we can also supply this chain at custom lengths as needed. We also offer a full line of good-quality sprockets for this chain. For pricing and availability, please contact us at any time.

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